🎵🎵”It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎄”……… Hello loves❤! It’s been a while right? Well, I’m doing fine. A lot has happened to me and I’m taking time out to pat myself on the back👍✋ After the break up, I thought I was gonna be sad forever and ever but heyyyyyyyy, I don’t know what Jesus took away but he sure gave me JOY. My pastor preached all through the month of November on JOY and I can say I have contacted it*hoots* . its december and there shouldn’t be any room for sadness oooo…. say NO to SADNESS biko! So I picked up a new interest and hope to transform it into a money making venture come 2014. Wanna know? Of cos I’d tell you.. My loves, that is how I decided to learn how to make and style hair but am still at 100level. I know some of us know how to weave but yours truly didn’t know at first so I used to 👀 this woman who comes to braid my sister’s hair and I went on YouTube to further understand this phenomenon of weaving. I’m trying, not yet there but eventually. I give myself till March to be a pro☝by God’s grace. Ok, what else haven’t I told you…. I got a JOB! It’s every Saturday though but it’s gonna increase this week. I got a job to be an Aerobics/Dance Instructor at a gym somewhere in Lekki(Nigeria)… It’s been fun. On my 1st day I expected to see 10 people but God sent 25 lovely women to the gym and it was maaaaad fun. I have been trying to get back my size 6 shape(with Jah all things are possible)😇…. Starting a class for kids too. It’s not the kind of Job I want but I know God is working something out for me. I am grateful. 2014 is gonna be AWESOME!!! I’m saving up for my birthday.
I ve decided to spend my birthday(Jan4) ALONE, having dinner at Four points or Oriental with a bottle of red wine, chocolate cakes and selfies(pics of me).. no man is invited, no thoughts of sex or any male related wahala(including menstrual pain) will be entertained. It’s gonna be a selfish day, why? Cos I deserve it💃…. Will update you don’t worry. Anyways, I still feel I should encourage some of us out there who are yet to find their Mr Right👤 don’t worry, the right man for you will come and when he comes,he will stay with you regardless. Be strong, don’t be pressured by the society which sometimes include Church/friends, live your life and be happy with whatever decision you make just as long as it doesn’t hurt you and doesn’t take you away from God’s presence. Also remember, I am not married yet, I don’t have a boyfriend but I have Christ. I don’t want to sound so spiritual and unrealistic but I would tell the truth, God has a way of lifting our heads(single chics), he hasn’t forgotten us. Sometimes at night when I feel so lonely and haven’t received a single call the entire day, I go to God and pray. The tears 😩 come but I feel like I hear God say ‘its done my child just be patient’ and he shuts my mouth and sends me to sleep. I know what you’re going through cos I’m in it. Trust God, the ‘Abraham-kinda-trust’ and everything good WILL come eventually. Don’t compromise, get busy. Restrain yourself from scrolling through your phone book and looking for that Ex that will give you hard rough sex😒😏🙈🙊……of what use will the rough,nail marks kinda sex be if he’s not serious about you. You will know the right man, cos he will stay ‘regardless’…..Until my next post, let my beautiful happy face inspire you to live life happy and full of JOY…..😘

5 thoughts on “IN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…….

  1. Nice post, advice for singles is sex outside of a godly marriage is not helpful for both parties. Wait on the Lord and be of good courage. He will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. Discipline your flesh and tell it is the temple of God. Your partner is in God and he will be find you in God. You live life good and be joyful all the time.

  2. Gheun!!!!!!!!!!!! Am happy , yaaaaaaaay!!!! Dis month is my birth month, am so gonna rock till january IJN……. + you and everyone around us… No sudden death or sickness…. In good health shall we all see the new year and years to come. Am happy 4 you my dear friend…. *rme* when Mr Right is really ready he’ll show up, and what he wunt even waste time dating you… Na 2 marry!!!!! So can dis blog post can change parttern, I want to read more of baby stories, baby bumps and life of an expecting mother… Joy of marriage and how I married my friend… The best gift god has given me in this marriage is tha man I married…. God bless.

  3. Babe God bless you.I av rily bin touched by ur writeups,believe me most ladies will never admit to all dis feelings after breakup.I luv ur spirit dear cus I don’t tink I can say d same if anytin lik dt happens to me.All I can say is dt dis gift God has given will never die.P.S I nid u for excercises too wan cum down to size 8..

  4. Shows when u single nt d end of d world, God has a reason, faith in him keeps people going but plz just coz d guy b4 was nt wnt u wanted does nt mean we men are all d same, in due time he wil come around , all d best in 2014

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