Thermochic’s Diary(pt1)

Have you ever been in a relationship and you still feel lonely? Well! Yours truly, is on that boat now and it’s not funny. Geez! Who said dating Babe would be easy? My sister and close friend of 10 years got married two Saturdays ago and at some point at the reception, I asked myself the following questions:

– Is Babe really, really, really,really the man for me?
– did I really get my conviction?
– will he propose?
– how long will it take him to?
– when will the wedding be?
– are we really going to be Mr&Mrs soon?

Funny questions you say? Be honest, you ve asked yourself one or more of these questions,right?Anyways,As the party went on, I smiled as I watched my friend Uche hold her hubby and I remembered I was there right from the very beginning of their journey. At this point, I remembered how It all began between Babe and I. It’s 10months now and it’s been a crazy ride. Having to deal with his excesses and he with mine. You see, when we started dating we agreed that we would date for a year. Not a year and a month or a year and an hour, a year on the dot. At this point we would sit down and talk about the future,either he proposes(with a ring or by church standards). (It may not work for you but it’s my arrangement) Yours truly isn’t ready for another Methuselah courtship😠.Despite the desire for a ring,I ask myself this- ‘Am I ready to settle down’?Am I ready or am I being harassed by my biological clock, family and society(which includes church). I remember what a man of God told me, “whatever your fiancé is to you now, he will be 10 times that in marriage”…. So here comes one of my worries. Being with a love language such as QUALITY TIME, these days Babe seems so busy for me😩. All through this month, we haven’t even sat down to talk for an hour. How can I make him understand that I need his attention without seeming selfish or like a nag? I love me some attention from my man. if you don’t give me this, i’d cocoon up and be moody forever(lol). Can i accept this when we get married!?Uurrrgghhhhh!!!! This right here is ONE of the reasons women cheat, LACK OF ATTENTION. I miss Babe a whole lot but i somehow console myself by saying ‘ I have me a good man’😍 I know this because of the bible verse ” by their fruits you shall know them”😊 I ‘m gonna sit out September and watch what October brings,most especially how Babe atones for lost time😏 One thing for sure though is, this is a test. How we handle this determines how we’ll handle issues in the future(I mean MARRIAGE). Will I conquer them? By God’s grace. Will it make me mentally and emotionally ready for marriage? I don’t know.

NB: Babe! You still rock ooooo. Just had to blog about it so you know how serious I am.😆



One thought on “Thermochic’s Diary(pt1)

  1. HMMMMM. Lemme tell you, the desire for “attention” never goes away. I’ve married my own and still tell him at least once a week that he’s not paying enough attention to me lol. Quality time is definitely my love language! But like i was telling a friend yesterday…ever notice how men make time no matter how busy they are to keep up with their favorite sports team’s progress? I mean, even CEO’s of fortune 500s can tell you how their fave football team or basketball team is performing. So why not make time for their favorite person? Men make time for what’s important in their lives…but sometimes think that even if they value a woman, she will always be patient with them if they have to ignore her for a while… so they find it easy to put us on the backburner.

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