THE MAY 18 EXPERIENCE Eighteen days after my first




Eighteen days after my first stage play and I’m just releasing this post. Don’t mind me, BABE got me to fix my nails for the first time and I have been finding it difficult to type, ping, wear jewelry, itch my legs and the list goes on. Things we do to please men {LoL}. Finally took them off yesterday now I’m free {wipes brows}. Back to the matter. Eighteen days after my first stage play


THE COUNSELOR’S NOTES and I’m still in awe of what God did for me. God was just AMAZING {standing ovation}. When I used to write poems from God when I was 5years old, I never knew He was preparing me for a colorful future. I remember when it dawned on me that I could write, it was 3weeks to my second semester examination and I walked into Creative writing class for the first time. My lecturer gave me this look of disgust and felt he was doing me ‘strong thing’ by telling me to write a short play and submit by 5pm. Ladies and gentlemen, I wrote a play with seven scenes and submitted by 2pm. Yep! I’m bad like that {Lol}. I scored 5points and that was the only 5points scored in my entire stay at the university {shrug}. In 2011, I would sit with my Partner and tell him of my many ideas for my play and he would say the most encouraging words and the days would just go by. I actually have written scripts here and there but I never staged anyone, this was my first production. I wrote THE COUNSELOR’S NOTES, showed my partner and he encouraged it greatly. We talked about possible choice for cast and I approached them; the married, the 9-5,the décor chic, the events guy, the introvert, the make-up artiste, the outreach guy, the crazy chic, the teacher and the student.. They all agreed and went by the name THE MOVEMENT and all made rehearsals which lasted almost three months. Amazing team! I didn’t know how I was going to make rehearsals every week cos I lived too far away had no job or money but God surprised me and his grace was more than sufficient. I made every rehearsal and so did the rest of the team. It was always a mushy experience for me at rehearsals cos I couldn’t help but think that the cast all came for rehearsals because of something I had written. I had never seen anything through to the end before and it was scary at some point cos I thought I won’t see this project through to the end. My partner and I began working and sending out letters and people responded. One man gave us money in $$$$ and I was so SHOCKED but that was proof that God’s hand was with me. May18, 2013 came and the attendance, reviews and all were more than on point. People were so touched. I got emails, text messages, tweets and all about the play. God surprised me and like I always say ‘GOD KNOWS HOW TO TREAT A LADY“. I saw my Dad, Sis and her husband walking into the venue and I stood tall and excited that I had family around although I wasn’t sure if my dad would like the play since it was about dating and all {Lol}. From the acting I saw that day, I knew it was just a matter of a few years before I meet TYLER PERRY.

Geez!!! I love Tyler Perry’s BRAIN. Great guy and a great mentor. I have all of Tyler Perry’s movies, series and stage plays even to their scripts {too much?} One day, Tyler and I would write a play and direct it together, remember this post when that happens. AMEN! I know THE COUNSELOR’S NOTES will be a blessing to a lot of people, I can’t wait to go on tour with it. Guess what? The script is a TRUE STORY, my story. {You will be reading more stories in months to come. Remember


MY LIFE, YOUR LEARNING POINT} THE COUNSELOR’S NOTES is a play about the good and bad times in relationships. It x-rays three couples specifically who turn to a counselor for help but she is unable to solve their issues and seeks PASTORAL help. Let me break it down for you. The First couple- KEN & ABI: lovely couple but Ken couldn’t commit let alone say ‘I love you’ to Abi even after five years of dating. All he kept telling her was ‘I care about you’. Familiar? {LoL} The second couple- ZARA & NAETO: Zara is the ‘accomplished’ one while Naeto is the unemployed-frustrated-now violent-one who beats her up whenever. Familiar? WAIT! The third couple- TASLIM & OLLY: perfect couple except for the fact that Tas is a Muslim and Olly a Christian who’s being threatened by Tas’ family. Who will convert? Now you see that you missed out on the play? Anyways, you can book your copies just send an email to Ladies it’s time to x-ray your relationship, don’t die in it, stand tall in Christ Jesus. So it’s official, I’m a playwright on a mission. Praise God! My next stage production is in November 2013, will keep you posted. Before my appreciation can I say that everyone was created for a purpose and until you discover it, you’ll keep going round in circles. May God help us discover, live and sustain our vision and may he bring us vision helpers always. AMEN!






TOSIN LEBILE- The most dedicated. Never missed a day. Thank you so much. God bless you

BUSAYO OLUDAYO- World traveller. You did more than great. God bless you

YOMI SOLANKE: Crazy guy! I appreciate your commitment. God bless you too.

AMAKA ANOLUE- Over dedicated friend. A strong believer of the vision. God bless you

GBENGA OGUNSHAKIN- My amazing friend and partner, you were a good pillar of support. God bless you

ETTA BASSEY- Fantastic friend and actress. Love you

OPE ONI- I love your commitment. Beautiful actress of Life. God bless you

PETER SANI- Thank you for your patience and commitment. God bless you.

KENNIE ADEMOYEGA- I still think you don’t need a mic when acting. Actress of life. Well done.

ESTHER DICKSON- God will reward your commitment and dedication dear.



DEMOLA- You know how we roll…*hi5* thank you bro

CHUKS- you came through for me as always

UCHE ANYANWU- Stage manager of life!!!!!Wonderful sister of Life. God bless you.



Finally (wipes bows) – My wonderful, handsome, supportive BABE. God bless the day I opened my eyes {you know what I mean}. I can imagine the future with you. I love you BABE. Thank you for ‘every’.

OK! I’m done


4 thoughts on “ THE MAY 18 EXPERIENCE Eighteen days after my first

  1. The counselor’s note is definitely a big brake. Am sure you’ll meet and work with TYLER PERRY sooner than you think. With God ALL things are possible. Congratulations once again

  2. Thermochik of life. I’m proud of u sist. And I must say I had fun. Welldone!!! God bless u real good. Onyi peperempe!!!!!!

  3. Seen… But u n ur relationship sha. (Eyes Rolling). And wonder y Media and Technical crews are not always appreciated 😦

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