The Shadowy Secrets of Sexual Brokenness

When it comes to Sex,as much as it pleasures temporarily,it also brings pain and brokenness. I know this note of mine would throw a spotlight on someone’s sexual history. The truth must be said comfortable or not. Many youths especially women are sexually wounded and I don’t mean physical injuries,I mean Psychological,emotional and mental injuries.No matter what we manage to keep covered up,GOD sees everythn about us including our sexual acting out.I’m not writing this for writing sake,I want to proclaim from the beginning a reality I have seen at work in the most painful circumstances.

God’s plan is to make us whole,whenever we get broken,he wants to straighten our crooked thinking,porn addiction,Gay attraction,sexual neediness,one-night-stand-desires…And guess what? God does what he promises.He’l cover your shame and heal you. God’s sexual best for us is PURITY if we are single and faithful,loving intimacy when we’re married. I know people who use Sex compulsively to control others or mask pain,God can heal you. How do we want to protect our daughters if their mothers who are supposed to be their role model,never stayed a virgin? We now live in a world where the virgins are mocked by the ‘used'(LOL)..Sad but true.

The first thing that makes us sexually immoral is the need to be loved. We want to feel special,or distract ourselves from pain or we are simply victims of a culture that proclaims it difficult to live a full life without sex and that sex between consenting adults is no big deal.ALL LIES FROM HELL. Some of us get into it cos we are bored,craving someone’s arms. The wages of all of these and more is DEATH.. Fight this sin,fight this shame. Be honest with yourself and GOD,confess these issues to GOD,repent and ask for guidance and healing.

I used to feel like a damaged item but Old things have gone by,behold all things are made new. I’m a new being in Christ Jesus. My past is not my future. You don’t have to sleep with that man or woman to prove your love,you don’t have to show that man or woman that you are a master in the art of sex. Save yourself for’s TOUGH (I know this) but you can do it. Don’t let a 3min satisfaction be what won’t let you make heaven.